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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an additive chemical.

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    Why Get A Disposable Vape?

    Over the years, the number of cigarette smokers has decreased significantly. Is it a trend or just a fad? Culturally, the world population has shifted its attention toward holistic wellness. Numerous scientific studies have proven that smoking cigarettes have direct links to carcinogenic results. Old people as well as young are progressively choosing to switch to alternative tobacco products due to those health risk concerns.

    Vaping has emerged as the trend leader for alternative tobacco products, gaining the most traction and is rapidly gaining popularity. Vaping is advancing at a breakneck pace due to its simplicity of use, modular approach and distinct lack of secondhand odors. At the tip of the spear sits disposable vape devices, the couture newcomers in the genre.

    Disposable devices are entering into the fray, targeting the convenience-centric Zoomer generation. Single-use products are so en vogue yet many ask: is this not adding to our mounting environmental concerns? Why are disposable vape products so popular? Let’s dive into the pros and cons and see if it is high time, no pun intended, to get a disposable vape.

    Disposable vapes are essentially “no maintenance devices.” Open box, puff, satisfaction. No tanks to refill, no batteries to charge, no coils to replace. Immediate satisfaction is the name of the game. One last pro that almost everyone forgets about until they MUST do it, cleaning. With a disposable vape, there is no cleaning necessary. Use it up and toss it. All the fun and none of the chores.. but wait, there is more!

    Disposable vapes are easily accessible. You can buy them almost anywhere (depending on jurisdiction, of course) and are extremely convenient to carry (most are as tall as your iPhone and as thin as a USB drive) in your pocket. Try sitting down in your skinny jeans with a heavy box mod system in your pocket and tell me how comfortable that is. Lugging them around can be exhausting due to weight, cumbersome due to size and forget about trying to be discreet.

    This is where disposable vapes shine. Built with portability and comfort at its core, disposable vapes make great choices for travelers who favor compact and lightweight and want no fuss. No need for a charger, no bottles of juice that might leak, no bulky tool kits to lug. More time so you can go out and see new attractions and experience new things.

    Speaking of new, what if you were a newbie to vaping? Disposable vapes were made just for you. No need to break out a setup guide or be a mechanical engineer. No assembly, no parts, no learning. Take it out of the box and puff. That’s it. You also don’t want to invest a bunch of money into a hobby you’re unsure of how to navigate. Disposable vapes are easy on the pocket as well, being the cheapest solution with a wide variety of brands and flavors to choose from, giving you the ability to try as you go without any long term commitments. So what is left to think about? Start your vape journey, the easy way with disposables.


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